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Hi all! Just wanted to post and say hi! I just joined and I am so glad there is a Kiefer community. I love this man like nothing else! I have even been fortunate enough to meet him and he is the nicest person. If anyone is interested, I can share my story with you. I am obsessed with The Lost Boys as I love vampires and am a member of Yahoo Groups RPGs and write fan fiction. Anyway, enough rambling, here is my info for ya!

Name: Jewel
Age: 26
M/F: F
Location: Sydney, Australia
Favourite Kiefer Movie: The Lost Boys
Favourite Kiefer Quote: LA has a public transport system? (said to me when I managed to get myself to the set of 24 on public transport in a country I didn't know)

I also have a Lost Boys community if anyone is interested in joining!


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