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Name: Stephani
Age: 19.5
M/F: Female
Location: South Texas, USA :)
Favourite Kiefer Movie: Um... all of them??? Yeah, really I like anything he does, but I'm particularly fond of Flatliners.
Favourite Kiefer Quote: I kinda like everything he says. I just like to hear him speak. ;P
100x100 picture for our members page:
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Well, I run a few fansite(ish) things for Kiefer's half-brother, Rossif and I just thought I'd bring up Kiefer's half-brothers, Roeg, Rossif and Angus here. I have pictures of them that I've found in various places on the net. Recently there's been talk of Angus because he played a younger version of Donald Sutherland's character in a November episode of "Commander in Chief". And Rossif is doing quite well, he is really talented, you can hear some songs he's done at

Here's some pics of them if you haven't seen them yet:



both pics are from Commander in Chief.

Also, most of the links to my Rossif stuff can be found here:

the first 8 links are mine... and so is the site that the links are at.
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