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hello newbie here :)
nice little community you have here!! found it going through friends communities. so thank you ilovejonstewart~

Name is Jackie/20/southern cali.
Been a fan of Mr. Sutherland ever since...ehhh, i don't know, since i was a wee lil' lass~ hahah, i haven't seen all his movies yet :(
BIG 24 fan, Bauer kicks ass!~

teaser:: sinning feels so good

hahaha...it actually matches with the community layout!!

b/w side kiefer action what have i done? got_brunette?


the rest are just various versions of themselves.

100% Man 100% Tough 100% Vintage Meat

where's my gun? i whiteheart kiefer i redheart kiefer

plain flash kiefer flash sutherland flash

Jack Bauer Jack Bauer name blink Jack Bauer box blink

Agent Bauer Agent Bauer name blink Agent Bauer box blink

comment//credit//enjoy ♥
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